about magma

Cut, sew, blow up, repeat! This is our daily life at Magma Inflatables as we transform your brand (or a brewing idea!) into bigger than life creations.

What you need to do? Simply provide us a sample and we’ll take care of the rest. Our creations include life to giant-sized product replicas used for branding, skydancers and airtubes to add festive flair to events, evo tubes for unique lighting, domes, tents, flying banners, and even inflatable games. Yes, we build them for you as you like them!

magma history

From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of inflatable product replicas and hot air balloons in 1996, Magma Inflatables has now grown into one of the leading inflatables companies in the Philippines, able to provide a wide array of customized inflatables at any size, shape and form you require.

Used primarily for promotional events, we take pride in offering you a robust list of product options for the ultimate and unique marketing experience. Antonio Longa and Serafin Alleje are the executive duo behind Magma Inflatables' success. Combining years of experience in the industry along with a thick portfolio of satisfied clients, we commit to the continued creation of quality inflatables as we partner with you in promoting your brands uniquely.

With our expansion of operations, we envision even bigger and better product offerings to our clients as we present a testimony of the global ingenuity of the Filipino men and women behind Magma Inflatables.